If you have been hurt due to someone else’s neglect or carelessness in any type of situation including auto accidents, personal injury and car wreck lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Attorney at Law his law firm Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC can help. In fact,  you need a trusted trial lawyer to handle your  serious injury or car wreck case.

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This is my  personal injury lawyer website intended to help clients find our services and be able to message us, call us, text us, and just find us and me, Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr., “El Tiburon” personally. Our main focus is business litigation, personal injury, real estate, and consumer trial law, in order to help YOU, our client in helping prosecute those who were negligent in causing your injuries, handle personal legal issues or when you just need an attorney to help. Along with Alex Hernandez Lawyer we also have two other websites, alexhernandezbusinesslaw.com, and alexhernandezcriminallaw.com to help you looking for the  business law and criminal law services we help you get through those issues. We divided our services because someone in a car accident may not need a criminal law attorney right now, just as a business law client may not need a car accident attorney right now. We handle the services that YOU need today  car accident lawyer,  business lawyer, and criminal lawyer. Let us help YOU today.

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