Amputation Injury Lawyer

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An amputation may become necessary after an injury incident due to the negligence of someone else in a motor vehicle collision, work related accident, defective product, or medical malpractice. The consequences of the procedure generally last for a lifetime and a person who undergoes it may find it difficult to perform daily tasks. With the best available treatment, rehabilitation, and therapy, victims of limb loss may overcome their struggles and learn to lead normal lives; however, it can get quite expensive. Without financial assistance, victims may not be able to fund a full recovery.

In any case, the assistance of an experienced amputation lawyer is invaluable. We handle amputation claims and cases throughout the nation with negligent parties attempting to demand answers and to demand justice when needed. When it matters most our firm is the first to call.

The Different Causes of Amputations

Amputations can be caused by a wide variety of circumstances. They are separated into four primary classifications, as described below:

  • Dysvascular-related: Circulation problems stemming from vascular diseases, such as diabetes account for 82 percent of all limb losses, making this the number one category. An overwhelming majority (97 percent) of dysvascular amputations involve lower limbs.
  • Trauma-related: A limb may experience severe physical trauma in an accident, making an amputation necessary. This is the second most common type of amputation. Approximately 68 percent of trauma-related amputations involve the upper limbs.
  • Cancer-related: An amputation procedure may be called for to stop the spread of cancer from a limb to the rest of the body. A limb may also be removed if it has been thoroughly ravaged by cancer. A third of cancer-related amputations involve the lower limbs.
  • Congenital-related: Fibrous bands of the amnion may constrict foetal limbs to the point where they receive no blood and consequently fall off, causing a child to be born without one or more limbs or with partial loss of limbs,

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