Bard Hernia Mesh Products Linked to Adverse Events

Bard hernia mesh complications and adverse events have been reported to the FDA.

Bard® Mesh refers to Monofilament polypropylene mesh for use in ventral or inguinal hernia repair

These Bard Hernia Mesh Products include the following list of products with the pertaining health complications:

3D Max Mesh, Various Models

May include Debilitating pain, infections, mesh migration, seroma, revision surgeries, bowel obstruction, limited mobility, nerve damage, and numbness in the legs, among others.

Composix E/X Mesh

May include Adhesions, corrective surgeries, pain, infection, fistula, nonhealing sore near the incision site, obstruction, and disability.

Also, nausea, vomiting, infected mesh, fistula formation, abdominal pain, bowel obstruction, small bowel erosion, abscess formation, mesh perforation, complex surgical procedures, and at least one visit to the emergency room.

PerFix Plug

In addition to pain, and may include ambulation difficulty, recurrent hernia “incarcerated with mesh” as well as additional surgical procedures, and permanent injury.

Sepramesh IP

Adverse events of Sepramesh IP may include abdominal pain, fever, bowel perforation, bleeding complications, leg numbness, hernia recurrence, and bowel obstruction. In some instances, patients required hospitalization, emergency surgery, or intensive care.

Recurrences of abdominal hernias.

Attachment to colon.

May have resulted in puncturing of the small bowel by the mesh, as well as pieces of mesh attaching to the intestine and liver. During one reported surgery to address mesh-related problems, the patient suffered a stroke.

Ventralex ST Hernia Patch

As with other Bard models, adverse events reported for the Ventralex ST Hernia Patch include adhesions and bowel obstruction.

In one instance, following hernia repair surgery, “the patient returned to the [OR] with a bowel obstruction and bowel was found to be twisted and adhered to the center of the ventralex st hernia patch … a secondary piece of bowel was [also] found to have adhered to the underside of the mesh as the mesh had ‘tacoed.”

In another event, it was “reported that the patient developed a non healing, draining wound … the patient was brought to surgery for a laparoscopic procedure. The mesh was found to have folded over with adhesions, including some to the bowel.”

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