Legalshield is basically an insurance plan for legal services. You pay a monthly premium to have the protection of an attorney, any attorney, usually not by your own choice.

Legalshield spreads out the cost of an attorney over the length of the term of their contract. You may never need an attorney and still pay for the services.  It may be cheaper services that the attorney may provide versus the cost of the Legalshield contract. More simple matters such as wills, contracts, real estate documents, demand letters, written responses are normally cheaper matters an attorney would have a flat fee for.  The more complex matters such as litigation (filing a lawsuit or defending a lawsuit could be tens of thousands of dollars) are where it may make more sense for their services.  If you plan on getting sued then their services may make sense, but again you don’t get to pick your attorney, they choose the attorney for you.

Traditional Legal Services

Traditional legal services are where you have hired your own attorney and pay him on an hourly rate, which varies.  You get the peace of mind of the attorney you hired after researching their credentials, you can negotiate their fee and they can be a lifelong attorney.

We offer traditional legal services on a flat fee for some cases, a small fee for matters such as wills and contracts, and a reasonable rate if you need a litigation attorney.

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