Mesothelioma Victim Recalls Baby Powder Use Throughout his Life

It happened again recently in the Supreme Court of New York County, when the company tried to shut down the lawsuit filed by Edward Rothlein and his wife Sharon following Rothlein having been diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma.

Over and over in America’s courtrooms, Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder is being accused of causing the deadly asbestos-related disease known as malignant mesothelioma, and over and over again the company tries to use legal maneuvers to avoid its legal responsibility.

After listening to both sides, Judge Manuel J. Mendez granted only the most technical of Johnson & Johnson’s motions, leaving the majority of the case against them to move forward and providing the Rothlein’s and other mesothelioma victims with real hope that they will get the justice that they seek.

When Edward Rothlein was diagnosed with the rare asbestos-related form of cancer, his search for the source of his asbestos exposure led him to his earliest days, he recalls when his mother used Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder on him from the time he was born in 1946 through the time that he was a child and could apply it himself. He recalls though he discontinued its use while in college, once his children were born he’d resumed its use again, and was present when his wife used it each day as well. In Mr. Rothlein’s case, the judge ruled that he had “sufficiently raised credibility issues and issues of fact as to general and specific causation, requiring a trial.”

Johnson & Johnson continues to argue that evidence being presented by mesothelioma experts is insufficient, wrong, or improperly presented. However, judges across the country have consistently been siding with mesothelioma victims and allowing cases to move forward.

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