Emotions are High in a Car Wreck

When you think of a car accident you immediately think of words like “whiplash”, personal injury, property damage and the immediate effects of a car crash but what about the mental effects of the car wreck? Those things that you also recognize as “pain and suffering” and intentional infliction of emotional distress are also relevant factors in assessing the damages of a car accident and it’s effects.

Mental health is effected in a motor vehicle collision because you all of the sudden have a change in lifestyle.

You have an ambulance, fire truck and other emergency personnel showing up at the scene of the crash and your heart and mind are racing.

Are you hurt? Is your family with your ok? It’s not your fault will the adverse driver have insurance to help pay for what just happened?  Are you going to have to take time off from work? How will your personal bills be paid?

These are very strong questions that will affect your mental health immediately after a car crash.

Longterm Mental Health Issues

There are also longterm mental health issues that you have to resolve that may affect your lifestyle.

Is your injury more permanent than you thought? Is it affecting your mental well being on a day to day basis? How are you going to pay for mental health treatment?

These issues you can have a psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health evaluation expert review to get you through.

If you have a mental health issue because of a car wreck then you need help of an expert in mental health and serious injury claims.

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