So you’ve been in an accident and don’t know whether you should call your insurance company, call your mother, or last on your mind… call a lawyer.

Why do you need a lawyer if the insurance company is going to pay you?   The answer- because they’re in the business of not paying claims, it’s their business to keep money, to make money, it’s a risk business.

A lawyer will have knowledge of law and knowledge of the insurance companies process

Hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you after a car accident means you will have a professional working for you — one who is knowledgeable about the relevant laws and procedural rules that may affect your case.

An attorney can advise you of any time limits (called statutes of limitations) that can prevent you from filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver.  For instance, in many Texas you must file your lawsuit within two years of your car accident or be forever prohibited from filing your lawsuit. An attorney will also be able to inform you about any special exceptions to the statute of limitations — for minors, for example. A minor can generally wait until 2 years after the age of 18 in Texas.

There is a lot of work that goes into negotiating an insurance settlement and taking a personal injury lawsuit to trial. After you have been in a car accident, taking on this time-consuming work may be the last thing you want to do, assuming you’re able. An attorney can do it all for you.

Whereas this may be your first time dealing with the ins and outs of an accident claim, injury attorneys have dealt with all manner of claims and a variety of insurance companies and adjusters. They have experienced staff  who can obtain the necessary evidence to support your claim, including gathering police reports, witness statements, medical records and bills, and employment and lost wage information. The firm may even have investigators who collect data.

Even though a lawsuit is rarely necessary, the threat of legal action offers strong leverage when negotiating a fair settlement.

Your attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf against the at fault driver and will know how best to defend you. In addition, once your case goes into litigation, your lawyer will play an invaluable role in preparing your case for trial — and even going to trial if your case doesn’t settle. You have to have a trial lawyer on your side if it goes that far.

A lawyer’s staff may have knowledge of the insurance players and adjusters and help you negotiate your case.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, having an attorney who is knowledgeable about the law evens the playing field, especially when you are going up against the experience and vast resources of a large insurance company.

The law firm does all the legwork. A law firm can’t go to treatment with you or recover for your serious injuries but they can process everything needed for your case to close and for you to get maximum benefit.

Hiring a lawyer from the start of your case minimizes the risk the insurance company will low ball your case, maximizes your case with the knowledge of the system and takes the case to trial if the insurance company refuses to settle. We recommend hiring a law firm and we recommend hiring Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC, whether you need a personal injury attorney near you or are looking for someone nationally known to handle your case, when it matters most call
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