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After a car accident, it may seem obvious to blame one driver or another for negligence leading to the crash, but this might not necessarily be the right answer. Many collisions and accidents are actually caused by a serious underlying problem: defective vehicles and auto parts that fail without warning. Our personal injury attorney has more than a decade of legal experience and can represent clients in car accident cases filed against negligent automakers who put defective vehicles on the market. Call us today and we can begin discussing your legal options in a free, confidential initial consultation.


Consumers can feel at a significant disadvantage these days as more and more news stories emerge regarding defective vehicles causing injuries across the United States.

Some of the more noteworthy defective vehicle stories of the last few years include:

    • GM ignition switches
       Thousands of vehicles experienced faulty ignition switches that could power off, disabling steering assistance, brakes, and even airbag functionality.
  • Honda power steering: Around 160,000 Honda Fits and Vezels have been recalled due to a power steering defect that has been linked to several in-vehicle fires.
  • Takata airbags: Millions of vehicles of numerous brands have required recalls after it was discovered that Takata brand airbags could violently explode with little to no agitation, causing severe injury or death./li>

Despite the clear dangers caused by their defective vehicles and auto parts, automobile manufacturers repeatedly deny responsibility and resist paying any amount to the injured for compensation. If you want to seek fair monetary compensation after your accident caused by a vehicle defect, you must know that you will be going up against a corporation with millions set aside for legal representation and defense. To balance the scales and increase your chances in court, you need to hire trustworthy legal counsel of your own, like our San Antonio car accident lawyer, Mr. Hernandez, Jr.


For an automobile manufacturer to deny responsibility for what their negligence has done is fairly upsetting. For that same group to act as if they do not have the means to compensate the injured is unacceptable. When you have been hurt by their wrongdoing and inherently flawed vehicle designs, you should not be the one to foot the bill for your recovery.

Compensation you can pursue in your case includes:

  • Initial hospital bills
  • Rehabilitation therapy for serious injuries
  • Wages lost or reduced earning potential
  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle

Contact us today to learn your legal options – you may even be able to opt into a mass tort.

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