1. Should I hire a lawyer for probate ?

    You should hire a lawyer for probate if the estate is generally greater than that the allowance for a small estate affidavit or $75,000.00. Otherwise, you can use the will to transfer property, file other documents such as a muniment of title, or if there are beneficiaries or Transfer on Death instructions pass property without having to go through probate. If you have any questions about whether …Read More

  2. How much is a probate lawyer in Texas?

    Probate law is the law dealing with the distribution of assets upon the death of any individual. A probate lawyer's fee is an hourly rate based on time spent on a case. An attorney could charge any type of hourly rate some lawyers may charge $150 others may charge $500 or more.  The time on a case can be depending on a few issues, often there are none and may deal with 1) is there a will; 2) is t…Read More

  3. What is the normal fee for a probate lawyer?

    A:  There is no real standard fee for a probate lawyer, many lawyers will charge an hourly rate with some sort of retainer upfront.  The more difficult the issues of the case the higher the retainer might be. If there is litigation involved this fee could also be higher. Our retainers usually range from $2500 to $20,000, again depending on the complexity of the probate issues. If there is a larg…Read More

  4. What percentage do personal injury attorneys take?

    A: Personal injury attorneys are hired on a contingency fee or percentage of recovery.  That percentage is decided on the type of case, a normal car wreck case usually is a 1/3 recovery contract. Some  lawyers charge higher depending on the type of personal injury, truck accidents, products liability, and mass tort cases might have as high as a 50% recovery where you split the fee with the clien…Read More

  5. Is It Worth Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    A:  A personal injury lawyer generally can exponentially get you a better deal than you can on your own.  Personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to handle your case and direct the insurance company to pay out the highest possible settlement. Our firm has been known to get as much as 10 times more than anyone in the general public can.…Read More

  6. When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    A: As a lawyer, I would have to say contact a personal injury as soon as you possibly can after the collision. Evidence might be changed, the report may be wrong, you may be injured and not have the ability to get to a Dr. or medical provider. That is where our services come in. We can help immediately gathering the information needed, get the car crash report, and get you to a Doctor even if you …Read More

  7. What is the usual fee for a personal injury lawyer?

    A: The usual fee for most personal injury lawyers is a contingency fee or percentage of recover equal to one-third, give or take, of the settlement or verdict in a personal injury case. That is generally before any expenses and before medical expenses are paid. Whatever is left over is what the client receives at the end. Sometimes medical bills are so high and the insurance value so low that the …Read More

  8. What is the Average Settlement for a Minor Car Accident?

    A: For over 20 years I have settled many "minor" car accidents and have seen the average small car wreck settlement settle for about $10,000.00. That's not a lot of money for the lawyer with a 1/3 return so many lawyers don't accept minor car accidents.  Our law firm does handle minor car accidents and can help maximize your settlement.  …Read More

  9. Do Lawyers Lie About Settlements?

    A: A lawyer is under an ethical obligation to tell their clients about the value of a settlement. It is up to the attorney to discuss the value of the car insurance policy or other personal injury policy.  Then the lawyer has to put this settlement into a memorandum or settlement agreement document to be signed by the clients.  The breakdown should be in this memorandum and you have a right to r…Read More