1. Corpus Christi Lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

    Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr. currently handles all legal matters in Corpus Christi, Texas with regards to all types of litigation. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. handles many matters in the Corpus Christi ordinary life of most residents including Car Wreck Law Real Estate Law Probate Law Divorce Law Contract Law Consumer Law Call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. today at his Corpus Christi office 361-792-3811…Read More

  2. Nuisance Lawyers

    Yes, we filed a lawsuit based on a claim that there was a nuisance from a local farmer. Today we are taking depositions with regards to that nuisance. Nuisance is a tort and falls under tort laws. In our case, the damage is so bad that there is a complete loss of use of the property for several residents. A nuisance involves an unreasonable or unlawful use of property that results in material anno…Read More

  3. Corpus Christi Car Wreck Lawyer

    Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has handled car wreck lawsuits in Corpus Christi for the past two decades. When you need a car wreck lawyer then call him today. 888-97SHARK 361-792-3811  …Read More

  4. Corpus Christi Real Estate Lawyers

    We are a law firm of Corpus Christi real estate lawyers. We handle many matters dealing with local real estate issues including transactional and litigation cases. Our Corpus Christi real estate law services include: Real Estate Documents Business Entity formation to purchase real estate Asset Protection Residential Real Estate Commercial Real Estate Real Estate Litigation Farm and Ranch Issues Wa…Read More

  5. Beverly Hills Asian Legal Services

    Alex R. Hernandez Jr. represents Asians handling international business and real estate matters in Beverly Hills California. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. 代表亚洲人在加利福尼亚州比佛利山庄处理国际商业和房地产事务 Alex R. Hernandez Jr.는 Beverly Hills California에서 국제 비즈니스 및 부동산 문제를 처리하는 아시아인을 대표합니다. Alex R. Hernandez J…Read More

  6. Beverly Hills Business Lawyer

    Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is ready to help you with your Beverly Hills business law matters. We handle business legal matters for small to large businesses. Contracts Formation Partnerships Employment Federal tax Regulatory and other business law matters Call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. today for your Beverly Hills business lawyer, 310-935-4325  …Read More

  7. Beverly Hills Real Estate Trial Lawyer

    When you need a trial lawyer in Beverly Hills the lawyer to call is Alex R. Hernandez Jr. 310-935-4325. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you with your real estate law disputes in Beverly Hills. With a background in economics, finance, real estate, and law, Alex understands that real estate disputes can arise from even something in a contract that can be misinterpreted. When you need a Beverly Hills …Read More

  8. Beverly Hills Contracts Lawyer

    Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is ready to help you in Beverly Hills with your contracts law matters. Whether it is writing a contract, reviewing a contract, or disputing a contract issue including litigation, Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is ready to help you with your legal matter in Beverly Hills California. With 20 years of legal experience, a background in finance and economics, hundreds of trials to judge, j…Read More

  9. Orange County California Hernia Mesh Lawyers

    We handle hernia mesh revision cases in Orange County and the surrounding areas.  These are legal claims against surgical mesh manufacturers after our clients suffer serious injuries from mesh implant failure. We look at claims for Defective Product Design Failure to Warn Defective Manufacturing Medical Malpractice We have cases against national manufacturers for our clients in Orange County.  M…Read More