1. More People Are Likely To Die From Opioid Overdose Than Car Accident

    Opioid Overdose Exceeds Car Accidents For the first time ever, Americans are more likely to die of an accidental opioid overdose than in a motor vehicle crash, according to a new report from the National Safety Council. Car crashes were higher than drug overdoses for decades. Both are preventable injuries. The group calculates that the chance of dying from an opioid overdose has increased to 1 i…Read More

  2. Essay from Our 2018 Scholarship Winner On Why He Wants to Be Attorney

    Why I Want to be a Lawyer by Geremy Garcia   My name is Geremy Garcia. I’m a second year (2L) law student at Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I decided that I wanted to become an attorney in my senior year of college after speaking to an oil and gas attorney. At the time, I was studying geology and thought it would be a smart move to go to law school to become an oil an…Read More