Construction Site Injury Lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

Construction on site injuries happen all the time. When they aren’t the fault of the injured individual it can be complex and many don’t know where to turn.

Is there workers compensation? What if someone else’s company caused the injury. Is there any party at fault that doesn’t work with your company?
These are the questions we help many injured workers answer for our clients.

Non-subscriber Workers Compensation and Premises Injuries

If you were badly hurt or a family member died in a construction accident really anywhere in the United States including Texas, we encourage you to contact an experienced personal injury trial lawyer to discuss the facts of your case. We encourage you to contact Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC.

We can help on a percentage of recovery or “contingency” basis, meaning that if we don’t recover for your injuries you pay nothing, and we have a team of attorneys who can handle the most complex of work related injuries.

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