Insurance companies in America are duty bound to ensure “good faith and fair dealing” with parties they insure. It is a legal obligation.
The law places this obligation on insurance companies because these large and powerful entities dictate the terms of a deal with individuals who are not in a position to negotiate. Thus, the legal onus of fairness is placed on the insurance companies. If insurance companies fail to treat its customers fairly, they have to face consequences.

At the Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. we act with all the legal knowledge and powers available to us so that premium-paying insurees get the benefit of their payments when the time comes. When an insurance company fails to uphold its end of a deal, we do all we can to ensure justice for the plaintiffs. We do all we can to hold the insurance company responsible for the commitment it makes at the time of selling the policy.

Bad faith life insurance claims are a sensitive matter for the survivors of the policyholder. Daily wage earners or salaried persons who may be the sole wage earners pay for life insurance in the hope that if something happens to them their families will not have to face financial difficulties. However, families of policyholders have to sometimes experience stress and actually be short-changed by insurance companies that are not too keen to pay the insurance amount and commit bad faith in processing a life insurance claim.

Common reasons extended for denial of insurance claims include a cause of death not covered in the policy or inaccurate information supplied by the policyholder. Insurance companies forward such reasons to the policyholder’s family hoping that they will accept these and not have the company’s decision reviewed.

Signs of insurance bad faith include an insurance company making unreasonable demands for documentation, inordinate delay in processing a claim, reporting loss of documents, rejecting documentation claiming that it was not received in a timely manner, using the services of experts who will invariably side with the insurance company, and disregarding state laws on processing of life insurance claims.

Apart from life insurance, home insurance and disability insurance claims too are abused by insurance companies.

The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. will fight for your rights and investigate bad faith conduct by insurance companies.

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