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Maritime-related disputes are governed by maritime law, which is also known as admiralty law. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has represented clients in several cases involving the Jones Act (injuries to seamen). We have also successfully appeared for maritime disputes involving cargo carriage, water pollution, construction, maritime liens, etc.

Maritime lawyers in our firm possess not only intimate knowledge of maritime law advanced degrees but also a wealth of experience that comes only from successfully representing clients across a variety of disputes.

We’ve obtained verdicts and settlements in favor of our clients for cases involving wage settlements, personal injuries suffered by crew members onboard ocean-going and brown water ships, negligent loading of cargo, and claims made for pollution resulting from oil and chemical leaks.

Maritime and Offshore Information

Offshore Injuries

Workers in the offshore oil and gas industry are seven times more likely to meet a fatal accident than workers in other industries. If you have been injured on duty, we can help you get your rightful compensation.

Seaman Injury

Injuries to seamen are covered under specific laws. Apart from compensation for lost wages, living expenses, and cost of medical care, you can sue for further compensation.

Jones Act

The Merchant Marine Act, popularly known as the Jones Act, was passed in June 1920. It aims to protect the rights of seamen.

Harbor Workers

Harbor Workers do not fall in the same category as seamen. Their rights are protected by the LHWCA. You are entitled to compensation if you are involved in work such as construction and conversion and work in a shipyard on navigable waters.

Different Types of Accidents

Although all accidents aboard vessels in open waters are classified as “offshore accidents”, there are different types of accidents that vary with a number of factors. We have the expertise to present your claim taking into consideration these factors so that you can get fair compensation.

Piracy on High Seas

Piracy is more than just a menace and certainly much more than what read about in novels. In recent years, the offshore sector has had to deal with an increasing number of incidents of piracy. Piracy is a threat to business and the wellbeing of maritime personnel.

Oil Spills

If you’re an individual who has suffered adverse health effects or injuries because of an oil spill, then we can help you file a claim for medical assistance, property damage, etc.

Maritime Law

Maritime or admiralty law is a vast field that ensures that seamen and other workers receive appropriate compensation for injuries. It covers the Jones Act, LHWCA, and DOHSA.


Longshoremen do not work in open water. Their duties in the port expose them to hazards. LHWCA ensures that longshoremen get fair compensation for occupation-related injuries and diseases.

Different Types of Injuries

The type of injury depends upon a number of factors. These include the location, cause of injury, and site of injury. An injury to the neck or head is potentially more dangerous than one to the foot. Regardless of the type of injury, we can help you get fair compensation.

Explosions in Oil Rigs

Explosions at oil rigs can be devastating for the business and for the workers involved. Loss of life and debilitating injuries. Cases of PTSD in survivors are a possibility.

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