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Personal Injury FAQs

How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help My Accident Case?
We handle the case from start to finish. We set up the difficult tasks that we handle on a day-to-day basis from setting up the claim for property damage to the personal injury claim to sending what the insurance company needs as demand for the claim to be paid. These tasks can be difficult and nerve-racking to anyone without the knowledge of how to talk to insurance companies without affecting the value of your case. If it doesn’t go as planned we make the determination to file suit on your case.

How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Claim?
It depends on the State that you had the collision in.

  • Texas is 2 years from the date of the accident
  • New York is 3 years from the date of the accident
  • California is 2 years for injury to the person

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Alex R. Hernandez Jr. for a Personal Injury Case?
Our law firm does not get paid unless we can recover for you on your personal injury case. It is not like a divorce, business or probate case where you might have an hourly fee that we might charge you. With a personal injury case, we only get a percentage of the recovery that we can get, which means we fight harder to recover more for you in the end.

The Insurance Company Already Made Me an Offer – Do I Accept It?
We don’t usually recommend accepting insurance companies’ first offer. They are making the offer to get rid of the case and your case may have more value than you think. We can help you get more but it’s not a guarantee. Your case facts may be different. We can give you a preliminary consult for free if you need to at this point.

How do You Determine What My Car Accident Case Is Worth?
We use the economic and noneconomic valuations of your case to make that determination. Mr. Hernandez was a trained economist before he went to law school and can look at your case to determine value based on your injuries, your wages, where the accident happened, who is at fault, the reputation of the insurance company, the opposing party that hit you and more.

What is Pain and Suffering and How Does It Determine the Outcome of My Car Wreck Case?
Everyone has a different way of coping with a serious injury, is there a mental health evaluation, has it caused depression, what are the extents of the injuries compared to the emotional impact they cause. Have you seen a psychologist or psychiatrist? These factors determine the pain and suffering damages of your case.

What are Personal Injury Punitive Damages and Can I Seek Them?
Punitive Damages are punishment damages against the person who was at fault. Some factors may include
Was the driver of the vehicle texting and driving?
Was the driver intoxicated?
Was the other vehicle a commercial vehicle?
Was the other vehicle one that would be at a higher standard to drive better (FedEx, UPS, Uber, etc)
Punitive damages can increase the value of your case substantially. We can help determine whether you have a punitive damage claim.

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