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Types of Injuries We Handle

National Work Injury Lawyer
Every day skilled workers attend head off to work in factories and construction sites with the goal of putting in a full day’s worth of work and helping support their families. In the industrial setting, when corporations put a premium on profits over employee safety, basic safeguards and basic common sense may be ignored resulting in situations where workers are seriously injured. When a worker is injured on the job, the impact is felt on both the individual and his or her family. As legitimate medical concerns ease, a ready source of strain economic strain may pervade the family unit. Our attorneys appreciate the broad impact a work accident can have on a family and do everything possible to secure a recovery for the immediate and future costs related to: medical bills, lost wages, disability and pain.

We handle Mesothelioma | Farm Accident | Jones Act / Maritime | Railroad / FELA | Forklift Accidents

National Child Injury Lawyer
As much as we try to protect our children, dangerous conditions commonly arise in a variety of contexts where children are frequently present and put in danger. When the condition of the property or conduct of the authoritative figure results in harm to the child, the minor’s parents may pursue a legal remedy to recovery compensation for the child. Our personal injury lawyers are her to ensure that a fair settlement can be reached.

We handle Sexual Abuse | Day Care Abuse | Carnival Ride Accidents | Wrongful Death of Child

National Construction Accident Lawyer
We know that even with strict construction safety guidelines and OSHA regulations, skilled workers on construction sites remain at risk for injury due to inherently dangerous conditions and companies who cut corners when it comes to job site safety. If you were injured on a construction site, our attorneys will take the necessary steps to protect all of your legal rights for the fullest possible recovery for you.

We handle Falls | Heavy Equipment Accident | Road Construction Accident | Third-Party Lawsuit | Falling Debris | Wrongful Death

National Truck Accident Lawyer
Truck accidents, collisions and crashes can be complex and frequently involve multiple parties including: trucking companies, drivers, logistic companies, and corporate product manufacturers and distributors. For experienced legal representation, be sure to contact our Corpus Christi personal injury lawyers.

We handle Wide Turn Truck Accidents | Rear End Accidents | Jackknife | Loading Dock Accidents | Material Falling From Trucks | Bus Accidents | Truck Accident Fatalities

National Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
As a motorcyclist injured in an accident, you may face an uphill battle with insurance companies to recover compensation for your medical bills, property damage and lost income. Our lead attorney has been a motorcycle rider since youth and understands the dangers of distracted drivers and how they relate to motorcycle accidents. Many of these accidents are avoidable but the negligence of others is what we pursue and fight for our clients.

We handle Left Turn Accidents | Hit and Run | Lane Change Crashes | Passenger Injuries | Wrongful Death

National Car Accident Lawyer
Our accident attorneys have resolved hundreds of automobile cases on behalf of injured people and their loved ones. While safety advancements continue to make vehicles ‘safer’, operator error is the primary cause of these collisions. Our law firm is familiar with causes of these accidents, the insurance companies frequently involved and how to get justice in every circumstance. For legal advice be sure to speak with one of our personal injury lawyers today.

We handle Rear-End Crashes | Hit and Run Accidents | Traffic Light Crashes | Drunk Driving | Fatal Auto Accident | Pedestrian Accidents

National Dog Bite Lawyer
We represents plaintiffs’ in dog bite and dog attack cases throughout Texas Our attorneys know the immediate and future consequences a dog bite can have on the victim and work to secure the most favorable recovery for you via negation with the insurance company for the homeowner or litigation. While many dog bite attacks occur at the home of friends or relatives, it is important to remember that the insurance carrier typically pays for a settlement as opposed to payment from the dog owner directly. We make claims against homeowners insurance or other insurance companies.

We handle Scarring | Nerve Damage | Non-Bite Injuries | Pit Bull Attacks | Child Victims

National Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Our law firm is deeply committed to holding negligent drivers responsible when their acts cause a bicycle accident. After establishing that a driver’s conduct caused an accident, we then turn to demonstrating our client’s injuries are fully established to an adjuster at an insurance company or jury hearing evidence in a bicycle accident lawsuit. As an injured bicyclist you can take comfort in the fact that our firm has successfully represented hundreds of injured bicyclists in almost every conceivable fact pattern.

National Dangerous Drugs Lawyer
The most promising pharmaceutical drugs may arrive to a very receptive marketplace as they offer hope of pain relief or a higher quality of life for patients who may have a chronic condition or disease. While many of these medical advancements are truly revolutionary, others do little more than add to the problems a patient may have been suffering from originally. Our law firm knows how devastating medical complications can be after a patient has put their trust into a drug that was offered alleviate a debilitating condition and are committed to holding these companies fully responsible.

National Defective Medical Devices Lawyer
When a defective or dangerous medical device is placed in the market, it may have disastrous consequences for the people it was designed to help. In recent years, we have witnessed devices such as: surgical implants, surgical equipment, hospital equipment, diagnostic tools, prosthetic devices and other medical appliances rushed to market without the necessary testing performed by the manufacturer to ensure that the product is safe. Our firm is committed to helping plaintiffs injured by these defective medical devices.

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