San Antonio Acoustic Trauma Injury Lawyer | Hearing Loss Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

Acoustic trauma from ear injury or sustained exposure to loud noise, as in a military setting, can result in loss of hearing and tinnitus.

The law offers you a chance to get justice provided you can prove the accused party’s carelessness or the defect in a product that led to ear injury. You can get justice legally for even partial or temporary hearing loss.

Acoustic trauma litigation can be complex and you need to have by your side a lawyer who has the experience in handling a catastrophic injury case of this type. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC can help you obtain settlements and the favorable verdict that you deserve. While a ruptured ear drum can easily be proven, it is not so easy to prove the extent of tinnitus that a subject experiences after suffering acoustic trauma. It is our job to ensure that the jury, opposing lawyers, and the insurance companies understand appreciate what you’re going through.  

An airbag that deploys aggressively with noise that exceeds 170 dB can cause ear damage, affect hearing and balance. Proving that your personal injury has resulted from this accident requires skill.

Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. Damage from acoustic trauma may increase over time. Loss of hearing affects not only your ability to earn a living but also causes severe mental anguish. Psychological trauma associated with not being able to hear is severe. Tinnitus may appear as a manageable and harmless condition, but it can aggravate over time, and then you may have to put up with a constant ringing or buzzing every second that you are awake.

We handle acoustic trauma and ear injury matters. Call our law firm if you or a loved one have been injured and suffered acoustic trauma.