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If you have suffered an injury because of a defective seat belt, then get in touch with a defective seat belt attorney who can help establish culpability for the injuries you have suffered. Defects in seat belts are revealed only when they are expected to provide restraint during a crash. Claims related to defective seat belts can involve faulty buckles that come undone when strained against, failure of shoulder belt retractors, injuries from belt malfunction or poor design, risks arising from door-mounted seat belts, etc.

A seat belt that fails to do its job and instead contributes to injuries is fair grounds for the injured to seek justice. If you have suffered injuries similar to those suffered by beltless drivers or passengers, then obviously the seat belt has failed to do its work. Injuries can include fractures and even head trauma. If the car has suffered minimal structural damage but the occupant shows signs of disproportionate injury, then the seat belt is most likely at fault.

Proving a seat belt defect is not easy. You must ensure that after the accident, the vehicle and seat belt setup is not tampered with. It constitutes evidence.  Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you get justice for negligence on part of the manufacturer and the costs of medical expenses for treating injuries that happen because of a faulty seat belt.

Along with the seat belt, the air bag is another safety feature that can be a real lifesaver. However, when it fails to deploy or does not deploy correctly, it can lead to injuries that can end in fatalities. Airbags deploy at speeds approaching 200 miles per hour and with a force of 2,000 pounds or more. There is an ever present risk of injuries such as blindness, neck injuries, spinal cord damage, and fractures.

Air bags are a particular risk for those shorter than 5’8”and weighing less than 180 pounds. Even if the airbag inflates slowly or at an odd angle, it has the potential to cause serious injury. Vehicles being recalled due to faulty airbags is common news. Millions of vehicles have been recalled since these safety devices were first introduced in 1990. The Takata airbag recall is the biggest in the history of automobiles. Currently, approximately 37 million vehicles are under recall for defective Takata air bag inflators. The number of recalled air bag inflators does not match the number of recalled vehicles because some vehicles have both driver-side and passenger-side air bag inflators that are under recall. If you have been injured from a Takata airbag call us today to see if it is one that has been recalled.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has helped clients with personal injuries resulting from faulty airbags.

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