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San Antonio Airplane Accidents Can Be Complicated, Finding the Responsible Party for the Injury Can Be Complex. Call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. for Help in Your Investigation to Yours or Your Loved Ones Death or Injury. We Can Investigate Pilot Error, Defective Airplanes, Improper Maintenance, and Tower Control Errors. 

On the surface, aviation law is concerned with flight regulations, air travel as a whole, and any business or legal concerns pertaining to the industry. It is much more complicated when inspected closer, though, as it also involves admiralty law, or the same legal concerns dealt with in maritime law. Even international law can come into play due to the globetrotting, border-crossing nature of aviation.

If you have been hurt, either physically or financially, due to someone else’s mistake or wrongdoing regarding aviation, you must prepare for complex litigation. Personal Injury Attorney Alex R. Hernandez, Jr. can handle your aviation law case and seek justice on your behalf.

Our law firm can help you if you were in a crash or accident involving:

  • Airplane
  • Helicopter

  • Airport
  • Private aviation facilities

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It is uncommon to catch a flight that does not leave the confines of your state’s borders. For this reason, Congress considers aviation and air travel to be a federal concern and has established many federal laws controlling and regulating navigation via the skies. Depending on the circumstances of your own claim or case, any number of these laws and acts could be crucial to your chances of securing a desirable outcome.

Federal mandates that could concern your case include:

  • 1926 Air Commerce Act: Requires all aircrafts employed in interstate or foreign commerce to be registered and certified under federal regulations.
  • 1958 Federal Aviation Act: Created the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to regulate civil aviation, encourage new technologies, and enforce safety standards, including the establishment of air traffic control systems.

  • 2001 Aviation and Transportation Security Act: Gave the federal government the ability to oversee and subsequently control security at civil aviation outlets and airports.

If any of these acts were violated, leading to your injury, the strength of your case may have increased tenfold. Allow our attorneys to investigate your claims and incident in-depth to pinpoint where and when negligence came into play and caused harm.


There are two federal agencies that are primarily concerned with regulating air travel and which are tasked with investigating every reported aviation accident, whether it is commercial or private, in the United States of America: the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The FAA must set safety standards for how pilots behave and are trained, how flight operations are handled across the board, what guidelines manufacturers must follow when constructing an airplane, and what civil and criminal penalties can be used if their regulations are violated. The NTSB is at the forefront of investigating aircraft accidents and created safety standards to prevent future incidents.


Aviation law has explicit interest in how aviation accidents occur – for both major air carriers and privately controlled aviators – to better understand their causes and prevent them from happening again. Everything from jumbo jets and freighters to helicopters and hang gliders is considered to be under this umbrella of the law. Studies and research conducted by federal bodies like the NTSB and independent groups have determined the most common causes of aviation accidents, and negligence seems to be to blame in many scenarios.

A plane accident can occur due to:

  • Pilot Error
  • Faulty Equipment
  • Violations of FAA regulations

  • Design problems with vehicle itself
  • Negligence among air traffic controllers
  • Inadequate safety inspections

The consequences of an aviation accident are often devastating and permanent. Recovering from them, if possible, can require extensive and expensive medical procedures, usually for the rest of your life. If you have been hurt and you believe federal aviation law violations could be the cause, Alex R. Hernandez Jr., can investigate and handle your legal case on your behalf, pursuing the justice you need, all while you focus on your health.


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