An accident can result in broken bones. If you have had an accident due to someone else’s negligence resulting in broken bones then you need the services of Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

Such accidents can involve vehicles or may happen at the workplace. We use our limbs to shield ourselves from the force of such accidents. Consequently, our arms and legs take the brunt of the impact and are most vulnerable to fractures. Sometimes, the subject may not realize the extent of damage – simple, compound, transverse, oblique, or comminuted – unless a medical checkup is done. Whatever the type of fracture, it results in pain and discomfort. The treatment process is lengthy, involves visits to the doctor, and prevents one from working to the best of his ability. Plasters and sometimes surgery follow. These are an expense.

There is no guarantee that a fracture will heal and allow you to resume life as before. A fracture can lead to a permanent change in the quality of life and also the ability to earn. Regardless of the cause of injury, if you feel you were wronged by someone else’s negligence, then the attorneys Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC can help you. Our experience in handling such cases means that we approach each case keeping its merits mind. We understand the value of witnesses, expert medical opinion, and detailed investigation into the circumstances that led to the fracture. We keep our clients informed of developments in proceedings and consider it our duty to pursue the case so that the negligent and careless party pays justice for broken bones and fractures.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a broken bone due to the negligence of another party call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC to discuss your case.


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