Defective Tires on Your Automobile Can Result in Serious Bodily Injury 

Defective tires are a very real cause of automobile accidents. Rollover accidents often result from defects such as separated treads and explosions. Poor quality adhesives that hold the belt and treads together are the main reason behind tread separation. Incorrect tire pressure can lead to overheating and an increased risk of tire explosions. Poor quality materials are another cause of tire blowouts. A defective tire constitutes a product liability. If you have suffered an injury because of defective tires then you must immediately consult a product liability lawyer who has the expertise in handling such product liability cases. Sometimes, a tire acquires defects from sitting for too long in a warehouse. The defects may not be immediately apparent and may manifest when you are driving at high speeds.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can study your case and assess the chances of you getting compensated by the tire manufacturer or vehicle owner who may have neglected vehicle maintenance. We know how to approach such investigations. We collaborate with forensic experts and gather evidence that helps us pin accountability in such cases. Oftentimes, more than one party may be responsible for the accident caused by defective tires. Establishing accountability becomes a tricky matter as parties try to shift the blame and escape penalties. We stand by our clients who have suffered injury or suffered the loss of a near one’s life because of an avoidable accident that occurred because of defective tires.

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