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Electrical accidents result in injuries and burns. OSHA lists electrocution as one of the four major causes of fatalities at a worksite. Electrical accidents happen when electrical wires lie exposed, because of lightning, accidental contact with power cables, faulty household appliances, coming in contact with power lines during drilling, overheating of fixtures, etc. Injuries associated with electrical shock include muscle damage, organ damage, burns, physical impairments, and even an effect on the mental health of the subject. You do not need to experience a high voltage shock to suffer injury. The time for which the current passes through the body and the path it takes influence the type and extent of injury. Low voltage shocks are associated with diffuse electrical injury, in which pain may manifest at points far away from the entry point of the current. The pain can last for several days, months, or years. Since, the nature of pain and injuries associated with electric shocks is still under research, it is possible that a subject’s condition may be misdiagnosed or even rejected outright. If you have suffered an electric shock because of a product defect or negligence of a third party, then you must explore the legal options available to you. The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. understand the difficulties their clients face in getting justice. We know the challenges of the legal battle, and we have the expertise to prepare a strong case that proves the cause and extent of injuries.

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