A traumatic brain injury can easily result in memory loss.

In fact, even a mild brain injury can cause loss of memory and brain damage. You need to consult a brain injury lawyer to understand the legal options available for compensation.

Temporary memory loss may last for up to months. It results from swelling in the brain that occurs after a head injury. Normal memory returns as the swelling subsides. Memory issues may also crop up if the nerves and axons in the brain get damaged. The healing of a brain damage is not like the healing of a cut on an arm; brain damage and the accompanying loss of function is often permanent. Permanent amnesia may lead to the person forgetting acquired skills and also a loss in vocabulary.

Anteretrograde amnesia is a form of memory loss in which the subject is unable to remember events that occur after the injury. Research suggests that brain trauma depletes the level of an essential protein that enables the brain to perform its activities in an optimal manner. There is no treatment that can guarantee the return of memory following a TBI.

Nationwide injury lawyers at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC can help you find out if you are eligible for recovery from memory loss that may be from the negligence of another party. Memory loss is particularly debilitating because of its psychological effect. You cannot function as you’d want to and your family life suffers. Call our lawyers now to see if you qualify!

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