An orthopedic injury like a broken bone, dislocation, or fracture may heal with treatment and over time; or it may not. If you have suffered such an injury because of negligence or rashness of another party, then you are may be eligible to make a claim. Insurance companies may not be too keen on compensating you, even if they do, it may not be to the extent you deserve. Sometimes you will need a San Antonio orthopedic injury lawyer to help you with your case. 

You deserve justice for financial loss, medical costs, physical pain, and mental trauma. A fracture or a bone injury can take weeks, sometimes months to heal. It affects your ability to work, you may miss deadlines, and in some circumstances, this may lead to you being overlooked for promotion. Our personal injury attorneys have the experience in helping injured clients get workers compensation benefits and legally negotiated settlements that will help you meet future medical expenses.

Texas law governing personal injury can be complex, and we know how defense lawyers make use of these complexities to stymie valid compensation claims. Our clients benefit from our experience that we have accumulated over the years in handling similar cases arising from motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, workplace accidents, medical negligence, auto accidents, truck accidents, and train accidents. We work with medical experts and investigation specialists so that your claim is bolstered to the extent possible.

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