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Roadside construction is a hazardous activity. Workers have to do their jobs by the sides of highways and roads at all hours while traffic zips past them. Workers face risks from heavy machinery that is used to grind mortar and mix cement. Speeding vehicles are a risk; even though there are signs on the road, there is no way one can discount the chances of a speeding vehicle losing control or getting involved in an accident on the road and ending up injuring people at the construction site; even with barriers such as concrete walls, crash cushions, and sand pits, the risk of a vehicular accident is always present.

Machinery In the Roads

Cranes and forklifts used to lift and transport material at the roadside construction site are an ever-present hazard because these can tip over and fall, or the material being carried can come loose and fall on unsuspecting heads.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a roadside construction accident, then you must seriously consider legal representation. Act fast, because depending upon the cause of injury, the tell-tale signs of what led to the accident will grow faint with time. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has the necessary experience and expertise to guide you, represent you, and get the justice you deserve. Call today 1-888-HDZLAW-8.