Sports Equipment Injury Lawyer

Every year, nearly 2 million children report to emergency rooms with sports injuries. Many such injuries are caused by a defect in sports equipment or someone’s negligence. Sports equipment includes not just bats and rackets but also safety gear, without which professional sport would become a very risky affair. Sports such as boxing require headgear and gloves that meet safety guidelines; similarly, contact sport such as ice hockey and football have to be played with protective gear that includes gum guard, shin guards, and abdomen guards. When the equipment does not perform as expected or reveals hidden defects at the most inopportune moments, then injuries happen.

Flaws in design and manufacturing defects often result in accidents and injuries. Sports equipment manufacturers try their best to escape responsibility, instead choosing to blame the player or circumstances.Winter sports, because of the high speeds involved, require precision-made equipment.

Helmet punctures and damaged grills are a risk that players should be free from. Faulty headgear can result in head and brain injuries that affect other organs and severely impact one’s quality of life.

Common injuries that occur to children as a result of such carelessness or product defects include the following:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Damage to bones’ growth plates
  • Heat stroke
  • Head injury or brain damage
  • Repetitive motion disorders

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