Sudden Acceleration from a Defective Vehicle Can Cause Serious Injuries

Uncontrolled vehicle acceleration because of electrical or mechanical defects can lead to accidents resulting in injuries and death. Sometimes, a faulty pedal mechanism can be the cause behind involuntary acceleration. Even something as innocuous as a floor mat designed incorrectly can push the gas pedal down causing the vehicle to speed and catching you unawares.

Automakers are loath to accept design or manufacturing defects as the real cause of sudden and unwanted acceleration. They try their best to come with alternate explanations or shift blame. Acceptance of a fault can lead to not only compensation but also vehicle recalls. The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. have the experience in handling personal injury cases arising from defects in automobiles. We have successfully represented many clients and have gotten them substantial settlements. If you have been injured because of uncontrolled acceleration in a vehicle, then we can help you claim compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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