1. Truck Accident Attorney

    Injured In A Truck Accident? What You Need To Know About Filing a Claim

    Truck accidents involving 18-wheelers can potentially be deadly, and they unfortunately happen all too often in the state of Texas. If someone is lucky enough to survive a collision with a truck, the subsequent struggle with insurance companies for compensation can prove to be an uphill battle. Questions of liability and one-sided invistigations can complicate the process and make it difficult to …Read More

  2. trial attorney

    Alex Hernandez Recognized As Newsweek Premier Personal Injury Lawyer

    Each year, Newsweek compiles a list of the top personal injury attorneys throughout the country. Recognized as Premier Personal Injury Attorneys, each individual has been carefully selected based on past settlements and verdicts, experience, and even client testimonials. The importance of choosing a high-caliber personal injury lawyer cannot be overestimated and Newsweek understands this. Our firm…Read More