At Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC, we have seen many toxic tort cases throughout their years of legal and trial experience. Our personal injury attorney understands that when you have been debilitated or stricken ill by a dangerous drug, chemical, or substance, you cannot be expected to deal with the relevant legislation alone. The best way to secure financial compensation might be instead to opt into a mass toxic tort claim created by our law firm. Contact us today for more information about your legal rights.


Although chemical materials certainly have their beneficial uses, they can quickly become dangerous when safety information is not properly displayed or relayed to the consumer. For pharmaceutical drugs, if the manufacturer fails to comply to regulations and protocols enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), harmful side-effects could be prevalent in the end product, unfairly endangering thousands of people. Each toxic tort claim ultimately comes down to some form of negligence on behalf of the people who have created the substance in question.

Most toxic tort claims will include at least one of the following scenarios:

1. Workplace exposure: Your job may require you to handle industrial strength chemicals. Extended exposure to these substances can cause a myriad of negative side effects.
2. Everyday exposure: Some substances in your home might be putting you in regular danger. A noteworthy example is asbestos poisoning from household insulation.
3. Consumer exposure: Pesticides, drain cleaners, and more all require clear and obvious instructions for safe use, storage, and disposal.
4. Pharmaceuticals: Any sort of drug you ingest might be hazardous to you if it is not thoroughly tested; prescription medications are not an exception.


If you think you have suffered a serious illness or injury due to a chemical substance or pharmaceutical drug, you might need to take legal recourse to receive any sort of compensation or medical coverage. As a toxic tort claim deals with hundreds or thousands of wrongfully injured individuals, you can come to our law firm in San Antonio and we can tell you whether or not you can opt into a preexisting mass tort. If one does not exist for the toxic material that hurt you, we may be able to research similar claims and create a tort for you.

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