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Personal Injury

Welding Accident Injury Lawyer

More than half a million workers are injured in welding accidents each year. High heat used in welding can produce severe burn injuries to the flesh and eyes. Injuries when working with welding equipment can occur from the intense heat, sparks,...

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Types of Injuries We Handle

National Work Injury Lawyer Every day skilled workers attend head off to work in factories and construction sites with the goal of putting in a full day's worth of work and helping support their families. In the industrial setting, when corpor...

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Personal Injury FAQs

How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help My Accident Case? We handle the case from start to finish. We set up the difficult tasks that we handle on a day-to-day basis from setting up the claim for property damage to the personal injury claim to s...

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National Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been hurt due to someone else’s neglect or carelessness in any type of situation including auto accidents, personal injury and car wreck lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Attorney at Law can help. In fact, you need a trusted trial lawy...

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